Memories and Lucid Dreams

by March 12th

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released January 31, 2012

Written, performed, and produced by 12th
Additional production by Christohperson and Jose "josiah" Muphasa
Original artwork by 12th
No raccoons were harmed in the recording of this album



all rights reserved


March 12th Aurora, Illinois

Christohperson + 12th = March 12th

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Track Name: Intro
I woke up that Halloween morning filled with excitement. I hopped out of my bed with a grin from ear to ear and a pep in my step, knowing nothing would be able to stop me. There was candy to receive and costumes to put on, oh joy! Of course, I had school that day, which put a damper in my plans. The teacher went on and on but I didn't hear a single word. I couldn't stop thinking about what was in store at the end of my day. And what a day it was! But I'm getting ahead of myself… Here's how it went...
Track Name: Childish Behavior
Falling out of sleep is enough just to fall down to you
Falling into your wide open arms
Is all I really want to do
Don't tell me things that you want to hear
Or I might have to disappear

But I think this time may have turned out right
You know you are my kitten
Only friend and my delight
'Don't think there's anything to say
Unless you speak
'Don't Love no one other than
You and your paws
Nuh uh
Track Name: She Can/Disbelief
Don't watch me cause I'm not here
Don't talk to me cause I've disappeared
Please let go of shame and other things

I've just gone through
My mind is stronger than before
Now I'm swimming in the truth
Or is it water?
I'm not sure
Track Name: Ceron
You say this is the end of yourself
and the others you think you would save
I think she laughed at you
Inspite of all the pain
You're going through
Death is not the fun I was expecting

I said I don't believe in you anymore
But now I'm having second thoughts
Cause hell is not a place I'd like to explore
I can't believe I fell for this
And you're thinking the same thing too
Please let me go and say
"You already knew!"
Death is not the fun thing I was expecting
But luckily fun always has an end
Track Name: Here We Grow
Don't treat me like a bad thing
Take me home
That is where I belong

Sometimes I get too far under
Track Name: Heads Off My Hat
Home at last
Where I want to go
Left me behind
Cause I walk too slow
Level with my head
It's all my eyes can see
I want to go to bed
So brother, leave me be

Take me home

The fat one thinks
You are no good
But the other said
You always understood
Jesus died
For the sins of us
But you don't believe
So you're not good enough

Take me home
Track Name: Goodnight (Outro)
I made it home safely to the comfort of my own floor but I might not have been so lucky. Always remember, who appears to be your best friend, could be your worst enemy. So trust no one, stay indoors, and don't socialize. Thanks for listening. Goodnight.